I Spy Quilts
So much fun to make
play with the kids

This I Spy Quilts kit has been discontinued.

Have you ever played the I Spy game as a child?

“I spy with my little eye, something that is green.”

Then your playmate would have to guess everything in the room that was green until he/she got the correct answer.  

Well, by making a quilt with lots of different items on it, ie frogs, chickens, balloons, etc, the game can be played with the quilt.  

There are many different styles of these quilts.  The simplest one for beginners to make uses 5 1/2” squares cut from a variety of novelty fabrics.

They are then set with sashing, quilted and bound – ready for play!!  

These are quick to put together for last minute gifts for newborns or birthdays!

Another style of quilt uses hexagons.

Triangles are then attached, and it ends up looking like stars.

A few years back, an Australian quilting magazine introduced an I Spy style that had squares and rectangles, and it was created with a colorwash look to it.

The top left corner was light background prints, and they gradually got darker and darker until the bottom right corner was darker blues.

It was gorgeous, albeit a little “busy”.

They are great for giving to youngsters, but it is also a great gift for an older person (especially someone who is bedridden), so that they can entertain the grandchildren when they come to visit!

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