Applique Techniques and Tips 

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These techniques and applique tips will give you a good idea of a variety of different hand applique methods.

Applique is the art of sewing or fusing one fabric (often in the shape of leaves, hearts, etc) on top of another fabric.

The most famous of these are Baltimore Album quilts and Hawaiian Quilts. They are spectacular!!

But applique can also be simple, as shown by the colorful fused hearts on my "Fused Applique"page.

Besides fusing, you can applique by hand or machine, using various methods. Pick one that feels comfortable to you, or try them all.

The "Dresden Plate" is another example of a well-known quilt block that uses applique for construction.

The "plate" is constructed by hand or machine, and then attached to a background square, again either by hand or machine.

"Sunbonnet Sue" is another popular applique block.

There are two important steps in appliqué. The first is design of your applique, and then the transfer of that design to fabric; next is the actual appliqué or stitching.

Naturally the colour and texture of the materials should be carefully chosen as they are a very important part of the complete design.

Broderie Perse

This style of applique dates back to the 1800's. The ladies would cut a flower from a floral fabric, and applique it onto a different (usually plainer) background.

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Click on the following headings to go to the appropriate quilting applique techniques and tips:

Applique quilt patterns - Fused Applique:

There are several good products on the market which can be used to fuse your design onto a background fabric.

Learn how to transfer your design onto the fusible web, fuse it, and then finish the edges of your fused design.

Fused Applique Heart

Quilting Applique Patterns - Hand Applique:

Hand stitch hearts or circles, and more applique patterns free for quilting.

Hand Applique

Free Applique Quilt Patterns - Needle-Turned Quilt Applique:

Using your needle only to achieve perfect appliqued quilts.

Quilt Patterns Applique - Freezer Paper Applique:

Utilize freezer paper to aid in either hand or free machine applique quilting pattern.

Freezer Paper Applique

Quilting Applique Pattern - Dryer Sheet Applique:

Finding it difficult to turn under those tiny seam allowances? Try this free applique quilt block method.

Dryer Sheet Applique

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