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Basic Tools and Fabric Requirements For All Quilters

These are the Basic Tools for quilting and Fabric requirements for a 9 Block Sampler Quilt:

  • .4m or 1/2yd each of 5 co-ordinating fabrics
  • 1m or 1yd for the background fabric (like the light color in my blue and green sampler)
  • 1m or 1yd for the lattice (the bars surrounding the 9 blocks)
  • .25m or 1/4yd for the cornerstones (small squares attaching the lattice bars)
  • .25m or 1/4yd for the inner border
  • 1m or 1yd for the outer border
  • 3.2m or 3 1/2yd for the backing fabric
  • .5m or 1/2yd for the binding (finishes the very outside edge of your quilt)

How to choose your fabric Requirements?

First select a "boss" or "idea" fabric. This should be a medium or large print which has at least 3 (more is better) colors in it. Then choose the four co-ordinating fabrics from the colors in your idea fabric. Co-ordinating means they get along with each other, no fighting!!! ;-)

Try to include lighter and darker shades, as well as larger and smaller patterns. Checks and dots also add interest to your quilt.

If you really love your "idea" fabric, you might want to purchase an extra 1m or 1yd to use for borders.

What else will you need For Quilting?

Chicken Quilt Sampler

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  • Rotary cutter - the medium is a good all purpose size, or the large size is great for cutting multiple layers
  • 6x24" rotary cutting ruler is a good one to start with, eventually you will add different sizes to your collection
  • Rotary cutting mat (medium is great to take to classes, or the large size is best if you have lots of room)
  • Scissors - a small pair for cutting threads etc
  • Straight quilting pins - quilting ones are a little longer than the dressmaking ones
  • Needles for hand sewing
  • Neutral thread (gray or beige) for all piecing

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Okay! Now you have all the basic quilting tools and fabric. Are you ready to start?

Essential Sewing Tools for Quilters

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