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Double Pinwheel Quilt block Pattern

The Double Pinwheel quilt block is very popular and is used to create different "looks" to your quilt.

Free Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern  Tuitorials

  • From light background fabric, cut: one 7 1/8” square
  • From medium fabric, cut: two 6 7/8” squares
  • From dark fabric, cut: one 7 1/8” square
  • Then cut the  7 1/8” light background square AND the 7 1/8” dark square into four, as shown below for quilting a pinwheel quilt

double pinwheel quilt block free Quarter Square Triangles Block Piinwheel

Sew a light triangle to a dark triangle as shown 

quilting a pinwheel quilt

Cut the two medium squares in half diagonally, as shown above 

Sew one medium triangle onto the sewn pair of dark/light triangles as shown:

pinwheels quilt Quarter Double PinWheel Block diagram

Repeat three more times.

Lay out the four units as shown in the diagram at the top of the page, and sew the top two units together. Press seam to the left.

Sew the bottom two units together, and press seam to the right.   Sew the two rows together, making sure the seams butt up together at the center, making a smooth join. 

tutorial to twisting pinwheels quilt
finished pinwheel quilt
quilting motifs for pinwheel quilts

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