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Hole In The Barn Door Quilt Block

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Hole In The Barn Door Quilt Block

Quilt Block 1
Hole In The Barn Door Quilt Block

From your background fabric, cut:- one 4 7/8" strip, the width of the fabric.

From that strip, cut two 4 7/8" squares. On the wrong side of the fabric, draw one line diagonally across the square.

Then draw a line 1/4" on either side of your diagonal line, so you have three parallel lines (the two outside lines will be your sewing lines and the center one is the cutting line after sewing).

Also from that strip cut one 4 1/2" square for the center.

- and one 2 1/2" strip, the width of the fabric.

From one of your darker fabrics, cut: - one 4 7/8" strip.   From that, cut two 4 7/8" squares

From one of your medium fabrics, cut:- one 2 1/2" strip

Now you have all your fabric cut for your Hole in the Barn Door  quilt block, it's time to start sewing.

With right sides together, place one 4 7/8" background square on top of one 4 7/8" dark fabric square.

Sew along your two outer drawn sewing lines,  press flat, then cut down the center on the diagonal line.

Press the seam towards the darker fabric.

Repeat with the second 4 7/8" squares.

You have just made the four corner pieces for your block! Press seams toward the darker fabric.

Diagonal Line Quilt Block

With right sides together, sew the two 2 1/2" strips together, using a scant 1/4" seam all the way down one side.

A scant 1/4" seam is the same as a 1/4" seam but one skinny thread smaller.  

Press the strips just as you have sewn them, then cut four 4 1/2" pieces and open them up and press seams toward the darker fabric.

Double Bar Quilt Unit

Lay your pieces out beside your sewing machine, exactly as shown in the diagram at the top of this page. Sew the top three pieces together to form Row 1. Then sew the second row of three pieces together, and finally the third row of three pieces together. The arrows on the diagram indicate which way you should press your seams.

Now sew Row 1 to Row 2, being careful to match the seams at the joins.  We have pressed the seams in opposite directions so that they will butt up, making a nice flat unbulky seam. Attach Row 3, as per the diagram, and press seams toward the center.

You are done the Hole In The Barn Door Quilt Block. Whew! That's one quilting block done!!! Woohooo congratulations!

Troubleshooting Barn Quilts:

Did your block end up 12 1/2"?? If it is only a tiny bit smaller, thats ok, we can fudge that when we put the sashing (lattice) on. Fudging is a great skill to learn in quilting!

If your quilting block is a lot bigger than 12 1/2", then your seam allowance is probably too small, which puts it at risk of coming apart

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