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Jacobs Ladder Quilt Block

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Jacobs Ladder Quilt Block

The Jacobs Ladder quilt block looks somewhat complicated but follow my detailed steps and you will find it very straight forward.

  • From light background fabric, cut: two 4 7/8” squares and ten 2 ½” squares
  • From medium fabric, cut: ten 2 ½” squares
  • From dark fabric, cut: two 4 7/8” squares

On the back of the two 4 7/8” background squares, draw a diagonal line, as shown below:

jacobs ladder quilt pattern

Easy Half Square Triangle diagram

Sew a seam ¼” each side of your drawn line as shown here above:

  • Cut down the center line, and press the seam toward the darker fabric.

To make the four-patch units, sew medium and light background 2 ½” squares together in pairs.

  • Sew two pairs together as shown below
jacobs ladder block pattern unit

Arrange as shown at the top of the page, and sew the top row together.  Press seams toward the center of the row.

Sew the second row together, pressing seams toward the outside.  Sew third row, pressing toward the center.

When sewing the three rows together, the seams should butt up against each other, making a flat join.

This completes your Jacobs Ladder Quilts

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