Log Cabin Quilt Patterns

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Log Cabin Quilts

The Log Cabin Quilt is another great classic!

free log cabin quilt pattern

I always keep a supply of 2" strips on hand for when the mood hits me to make another of these quilts.  

You can use two colorways, like my green and beige sample shown.  

Notice that even though I used two colorways, I have used a variety of greens and a variety of beiges to add interest to the quilt.

You can also use up your scraps by sewing the dark scraps on one half and the light scraps on the other half of the block. It looks different every time.

And with so many different ways to "set" the blocks it is a new quilt every time!

The sample shown here is the Barn Raising setting.

Did you know that traditionally the center of the block is red to indicate that the hearth fire is burning?

If you used a black center, that would indicate that the fire was out.  

Nowadays it is okay to use any color you choose for the center, maybe dark blue (or even orange if you are bold) if you are making a blue and yellow log cabin, or I could have used dark tan for the centers of my green and beige sample. 

I like to teach this class in one day.  

Accurate rotary cutting is very important. In six hours of instruction, you will get enough blocks finished to play on a design wall with some of the different settings.

If you or your group wish to take this class either during a retreat or at a local store in Vancouver, British Columbia Contact Me for more information or reservations.

cabin quilts
log cabin quilts

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