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Ohio Star Quilt Block

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Ohio Star Quilt Block

How to Make An ohio Star Quilt Block Pattern

Quilt Block 5 - Ohio Star Quilt Block

This quilt block is one of the classics and has been around for a very long time!

Follow the instructions below to create your own version.

From background fabric, cut:

  •  Four 4 1/2" squares for corners
  • One 5 1/4" square, cut twice diagonally into quarter square triangles.

From medium fabric, cut:

  • -Two 5 1/4" squares, cut into quarter square triangles
  • One 4 1/2" square for center

From dark fabric, cut:

  • - One 5 1/4" square, cut into quarter square triangles.

Lay out your fabric pieces beside your sewing machine, to see which triangles to sew together.

Follow the picture above.

Sew triangles together into squares as shown below, then sew squares together in the order of the first, second, and third row.

When sewing rows together, you always want to try to press your seams in opposing directions.

On this block, it is easiest to

  • press the top row to the outside,
  • the middle row to the middle, and
  • the bottom row to the outside again.

Now press your long seams to whichever side they seem to want to go, and you have your beautiful quilt block finished!

Ohio Star Block
amish ohio quilt
amish ohio quilt
amish ohio quilt

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