Perpetual Motion Quilt Block

Learn how to cut
piece basic quilt blocks

How To Make The
Perpetual Motion Quilt Block pattern

From light background, cut:

  • four 4 7/8” squares

From medium fabric, cut:

  • two 4 7/8” squares, and 
  • one 4 ½” square

From dark fabric, cut:

  • two 4 7/8” squares

On the back (or wrong side) of the light background squares, draw a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner.

As shown below:

Half Square Triangle diagram

Place one background square on top (right sides together) of a medium 4 7/8” square.

With the background square on the top,

  • sew a seam ¼” away from the drawn line.
  • Sew another seam ¼” on the other side of the drawn line as shown:
Easy Half Square Triangle diagram
  • Now cut on the center line.
  • Press seams toward the darker fabric.  
  • Repeat with another pair of the same fabrics.  

These are your four corner squares.

Use the same method with the background fabric and the dark fabric, to make four squares.

Half Square Triangle diagram

Arrange the squres as shown in the diagram at the top of this page, placing the 4 ½” square in the center of your block.

  • Sew the three squares in the top row together and press the seams toward the outside.
  • Sew the second row, pressing the seams toward the center.  
  • Sew the third row, pressing the seams toward the outside again.

When you sew the top row to the middle row, make sure seams meet, butting up against each other to form a flat joint.  

  • Repeat when adding the third row.


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