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Quilting Ebook - learn how to quilt using my ebook

Hi, I’m Jackee, and my quilting ebook is a BIG hit within the quilting community.

I have been quilting for over 25 years. I started my quilting business over 10 years ago with my longarm quilting machine, I provide an important service for people who love piecing the tops but never have the time to finish them.

I also offer classes and retreats.

Over the past 3 years of my web site being online, I have received numerous questions from quilters - just like you, concerning their personal quilting challenges.

I developed this quilting ebook to answer those challenges.

My quilting ebook explains in simple language how to tackle the various steps in the quilting process that often plague beginner and intermediate quilters. 

I took the top 101 challenges and answered them in this quilting ebook.

It will save you a significant amount of time, fabric AND money by showing you the right way to complete a number of tricky tasks that you need to perform as you put your quilt together.

If after one FULL month you are not COMPLETELY satisfied with my ebook, you may keep the ebook and I will refund your money in full.

Here are a few of the challenges addressed in my quilting ebook:

Quilting Ebook - learn how to quilt using my ebook
  • Challenge #6 “Conquering my fear of appliqué. I know how but my fear keeps me from it”  from Colleen 
  • Challenge #11 “Binding a quilt. No matter how I try trying to connect the two ends together is never the result I am pleased with”  from Biff
  • Challenge #27 ”I have a hard time choosing fabric. What colors go together. How do you pick complementing colors?”  from Louise 
  • Challenge #33 “My worst nightmare is squaring up the material when I am getting started. I never know how to get the first cut straight”  from Ardith 
  • Challenge #46 “I have a problem with working with bias edges ugh! I live in fear whenever I can bring myself to actually make a quilt with bias edges. I feel that if I even breathe on the thing it will go bonk!”  from Sue
  • Challenge #55 “My biggest challenge is making sure to press in the right direction. It never fails, I press in what I think is the correct direction and when I add on other pieces to make the full block, the seams are incorrect. So I just need to press more carefully or to learn better guidelines in this area”  from Connie
  • Challenge #84 “My biggest problem is getting my quilt squared up before putting on the binding. I even have a T square but it seems I still have a problem. Do you have some hints?”  from Neina

Chapters include:

Quilting Ebook - learn how to quilt using my ebook
  • Appliqué 
  • Binding 
  • Borders
  • Color
  • Cutting
  • Piecing
  • Pressing
  • Quilting
  • Miscellaneous

In addition, my ebook contains a glossary of 51 Quilting Terms and a number of useful resources to help you along with your projects.

What quilters are saying about my quilting ebook:

  • “Thank you for the guide to quilting...lots of great info” - Linda B in MI
  • “I express my sincere gratitude for this wonderful gift” Best regards, Iva
  • “LOVE your ebook - just LOVE it.  It looks so amazing - read every intro - and some of the info stuff too.... very good, very informative and love your little joke lines at the end. You are great at that!” – Jan
  • “Dear Jackee, thank you for sending the Ebook. I am sure it will be useful for my students” Greetings from Romania, Ana
  • “Dear Jackee, I hope you're having a great day and week quilting. I just had to reply and tell you the e-book was FABULOUS and VERY HELPFUL. I have really enjoyed the first pages that I sat here and read, currently all 53 pages are printing and I really look forward to reading all of it and having it as a reference tool in the future. I am a self taught quilter since 2001 and I really enjoy learning more and more about quilting every day” THANKS AGAIN AND HAPPY QUILTING! – Mish from TN
  • “Thanks for the e-book!  I have gone thru about 1/3 and it is great!!!  Love the 'cover' and all the quotes interspersed. Can't wait to get to the rest of it”. - Doreen
  • “Just been reading through most of your book and boy it is great. Thank you so much” - David
  • “Liking the e-book a lot, read the whole thing this morning. Lots of useful ideas in there. Looking forward to reading your blog” – Sarah

How many times have you bought a quilting book or video that leaves you wanting more explanation and understanding?

OK so you return it – but you have not solved your problems.

How about a book that actually answers quilters problems in DETAIL AND you get ALL the additional versions??!!!

Consider this - Most quilt books are priced from $11.95 to $24.95 and explain “how to do” this or that - this ebook addresses the actual problems of quilters “just like you”. So how much do you think it would cost? $24.95? $19.95? $12.95? NOPE!

To buy this quilting ebook and ALL the following editions is just $9.95!!!

REMEMBER, if after one FULL month you are not COMPLETELY satisfied with my ebook, you may keep the ebook and I will refund your money in full.

What a great Christmas gift this would be for a quilter friend or relative!

As soon as I get notification of your purchase from PayPal you will receive an email with the PDF version of my ebook attached.

I thank you for your trust, you will not be disappointed!! 

Jackee Thaysen.                                                                    A Quilter & Lover of Quilts!

  • PS: You will save much more than the purchase price of $9.95 in wasted time and fabric, when you purchase this ebook and follow the instructions – or your money back!! GUARANTEED!
  • PPS: You get a BONUS for buying this ebook! My 53 page guide will be updated periodically and anyone who purchases this initial version will automatically get ALL the updated versions when they are published – this is a limited time offer!
  • PPPS: Get this ebook NOW and YOU can learn the secrets to solving those nagging quilting frustrations that many other quilters like you have overcome.

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