Quilting is my passion!
And I would like to share my quilting experience and knowledge with You!

I have always wanted to share my quilting experience and knowledge with all of you.  

However after 30 years of running my business and teaching quilting to hundreds of folks I have decided to retire, enjoy the grand kids and get on with my personal projects.

A friend has decided to keep the web site updated and current so please keep coming back to use this site as a free learning site for your quilt projects.

My quilting journey began in 1982 when my love of quilts and the desire to make some for my children, pushed me to take on the challenge.  Although it began as a hobby, my career path soon changed to accommodate it.

Working at a local quilt shop for several years afforded me the opportunity to increase my experience and led me to teaching at all levels.  It has been extremely satisfying helping others achieve their goals!

In 1999, I recognized the need for a service for people who love piecing the tops but never had the time to finish them.  So I started my own machine quilting business.  

It has been extremely successful from the very beginning -- did you know there are thousands of people out there who only wish to piece the top?  

Then move on to another top, and then another, and another (did I mention how addictive this art can be???)

Everyone admires quilts.   So in addition to machine quilting and teaching,  I have often been commissioned to design and create custom quilts.  

You can see I have built a successful business around my passion.

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