My Quilting Retreat
May 2009

My best friends and quilters arrived at noon on the 24th, raring to get their projects completed.

quilting hard at work

Everyone is so hard at work!!!

Joan choosing fabric, with my stash in the background

joan choosing quilt fabric
taking a break from quilting

Taking a wee break..before getting back to it!

Is that wine on the table?

Nice tea cozy - those are border collies on there

nice quilted tea cozy
quilt design wall

...That’s me, working on the design wall

.....Auditioning borders for the Ricky Tims UFO

auditioning borders for quilt

...getting down to quilting  Let's get to work!!

...Sewing up a storm

sewing and quilting
this quilt looks great

 ...WOW it looks GREAT!!!

 ...ironing the quilt borders Adree's new toy!

 ...desiging the last row of the quilt border

Doreen putting upthe last row before sewing it all together.

 ...another quilt project done

WOW another of Adree's projects done

 ...time for a quilt break Aha!!! caught nibbling

 ....another quilt completed 

Look ma - another one done!!

 ...joans quilt block on the design wall

Joan's beautiful blocks on the design wall

 ....jackees new quilt project

FLIP - the stars on top, Jackee's new project

 ....excited about finishing another quilt  

Carol is all excited about getting her t-shirt quilt done

 ...measuring the quilts  Lots of measuring going on

 ....serious rotary fabric cutting. 

some serious cutting going on (don't forget to close your rotary cutter)

 ....completeed quilt project.

Look its done!

 ...table runner finished.

Adree with her table runner - she finished 4 projects at this retreat

 ....drees convergance

Adree's convergence, looks great doesn't it?...

japanese quilt

...a japanese quilt completed

...and her Japanese quilt completed

 ...a hand quilt project complete. 

Joan hand quilted this beauty

 ....leaving the quilt retreat

All good things come to an end, everyone is packed and ready to leave, April my border collie wanted into the picture!!

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