Our Quilting Retreat October 2008

The “Fab Four” arrived for their Quilting Retreat October2008 on Friday evening and quickly settled in to do some cutting in preparation for the “Splash of Blues” workshop Saturday morning.

Darlyne, Ann, Lacette and Deb were ready to start the moment they arrived.

arranging quilt blocks on the design wall

Darlyne and Ann put their rectangles up on the design wall, and rearrange them for a while.

Ann and Lacette’s projects were next and the blocks were put on the design wall for auditioning!

more quilt blocks on the design wall
quilt blocks on a portable design wall

There was so much designing happening that first day the I had to create a portable design wall. Here is Lacette doing her thing on the portable wall.

Darlyne was one of the first to get her together!

quilt top put together
another quilt to sewn together

... and Lacette gets her quilt top put together!

Deb gets her's done as well. Things are moving right along. These girls are real keeners.

Deb's quilt top is complete
starting the second quilt project

Getting to work on their second project, a Ricky Tims’ Convergence! April (the dog) is exhausted just watching them work

Ann working on her Convergence.

sewing quilt tops together
a little break before quilting again

Breakfast – a little coffee and French Toast to get us going!

Darlyne’s finished top – stunning in bright batiks

completed quilt top
getting the last minute quilt tops together

Lacette racing to the finish line....

.....and she is done!!

the quilt is complete

It was a VERY productive weekend with two quilt tops getting finished.  

Borders may be added later, but all the ladies were pleased with what they accomplished.  I was sure proud of them!

They had such a great time that they have booked the same weekend next year, and are bringing more quilting buddies along!

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