I teach classes on how to make this
Romantic Hearts Quilt

This Romantic Hearts Quilt has been one of the most popular quilting classes I teach, simply because it is so beautiful!

Romantic Hearts Quilt

In my sample, I have used a very soft floral for the "Hearts", one that was in my "stash".

Using the same fabric for the binding pulls it all together.

There are lots of wonderful fabrics available to use in this quilt.

For example the Three Sisters or Robyn Pandolf lines would be perfect!

Just make sure to keep the sashing low key so it doesn't overpower the print you use for your hearts.

The hearts should be the focal point of the quilt.

In this class, you will learn my

The class also covers

  • how to strip piece the backgrounds, as well as the piano key border.  
  • You will also learn the trick to making a "perfect" 1/4" inner border!!
  • We also discuss how to quilt your creation whether you are hand or machine quilting.

This class is best taught over two days in order to cover all the information and get all the sewing done.  

By the end of the second day, you will have your top completed, and be ready to start quilting it.

If you or your group wish to take this class during a retreat Contact Me for more information or reservations.

To buy the Romantic Hearts pattern go here

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