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Shoofly Quilt Block
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Shoofly Quilt Block Pattern

How To Make A
The Shoofly Quilt Block

From light background fabric, cut:

  • four 4 ½” squares and two 4 7/8” squares

From medium or dark fabric, cut:

  • one 4 ½” square and two 4 7/8” squares

On the back (or wrong side) of the two 4 7/8” background squares, draw a diagonal line. As shown:

Half Square Triangle diagram
  • Place one background square on top (right sides together) of a 4 7/8” star fabric square.

With the background square on the top,

  • sew a seam ¼” away from the drawn line.
  • Sew another seam ¼” on the other side of the drawn line as shown below.
Easy Half Square Triangle diagram
  • Now cut on the center line.
  • Press seams toward the darker fabric.  
  • Repeat with another pair of the same fabrics. 

Arrange units as shown in the diagram at the top of this page, and

Sew the top row together.  

  • Press seams toward the inside.

Sew the middle row together,

  • pressing the rows toward the outside.  

Sew the third row together ,

  • pressing the seams toward the inside again.

Sew the rows together,

  • making sure the seams meet and butt up against each other for a smooth join.


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