T-Shirt Quilts

A great way to keep your memories alive!!!

Wouldn't you love to make T-Shirt Quilts using t-shirts from your travels or sporting events?

These are important mementos for us, but what do we do with them?  

Well, cut them up and make quilts to snuggle under, of course!

I have made many of these types of quilts for clients (unfortunately I have no photos of these), usually given as gifts to the men in their lives.

t-shirt quilt

My friend Jan (not a quilter) and I made a tee-shirt quilt for her daughter's grad gift.  

She had so many wonderful t-shirts with which to make a great memory quilt tee shirt.

After much cutting up of t-shirts, and sewing together of little squares to fill in the spaces, it turned out fabulous!  

In the plain black spaces, I got Jan to write little sayings to remind her of home.  Very touching!

I also decided to make a t shirt quilt for a friend of mine to give to her husband last Christmas.

I am going to document each of the steps to track the project.

I started cutting on December 16th, -- remember it has to be ready by December 24th.

tee shirt quilt
tshirt quilts
t shirt quilts

Want to learn to make your own tshirt quilt?

Follow these detailed instructions here below.

How To make your own
T-shirt quilts

December 16th, 2007...here we go!!!!

These are the pictures of the shirts before cutting them up.

What I plan to do is use the main logo or text on the shirt as a block but also incorporate some of the left over pieces.

My friend's husband is a car racing fanatic, so I will be keeping in mind the colors of racing -- red, yellow, black, and black&white checks.

These are just 4 of the many t-shirts that I was working with.

t shirt quilts
tee shirt quilt
tshirt quilts
t shirt quilt

I started cutting up the t-shirts....

  • First I cut the back from the front at the sides, and the shoulders.
  • If there was a logo on the sleeve, I cut the sleeve off separately.
  • Then I rough cut a large area including the message/logo I wanted to use. 

By cutting it large, I still have choices about the finished size of the blocks.

This is a continuation of a Six (6) series quilting articles on:

How to Make T-Shirt Quilts

Here are the article sequence, please follow it accordingly to get the most from them. 

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  4. Sashing and Borders brings your tee-shirt Quilt together
  5. Quilting and Binding the last steps to t shirt quilt completion
  6. Complete T-Shirt Quilt made in seven days

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