Did you know that
exist in most Quilters Closets?

(*UFO = Unfinished Objects)

The good thing about UFO's is that one can always pick one up and get back to work on it.  

Now that a Great Niece is expecting a baby, I may pull out one of these unfinished baby quilts and get it finished.

Baby quilts are so quick and easy to put together.  

I like having a few tops on hand so I can quickly machine quilt one, bind it, and send it off to a new baby!

Thinking about making a whole baby quilt from scratch is a little daunting, but having tops ready to go means I'm half finished!!

And it's so much fun trying out new patterns!

Rows and Rows of FUN!!!!

I love this one, but so many quilts and so little time.  

No particular place to hang it, nor a little one to give it to yet, so it can bide its time while awaiting some special attention.

I have so many Unfinished Objects that I will be rotating them as well as adding to them.  

Some will be finished and added to the Gallery, or sent off to happy recipients.  

You will get to see them all -- just check back!

I hope you enjoy my designs.

If you are interested in finding out more about a particular UFO let me know.


My Heart's In Pieces!!   I do love hearts of all shapes and kinds, so naturally when I saw this quilt in a magazine a few years ago, I just had to make it.  

The flannels are so warm and cozy -- now if I could just get it quilted then I could snuggle under it on those chilly evenings!  

That sounds funny coming from a professional machine quilter -- I keep joking that I may have to send some of my Unfininshed Objects out to get finished!!!

But I am joking!  Honest!

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