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Weathervane Quilt Block

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Weathervane block Quilting Block

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Weathervane Quilt Block

The Weathervane quilt block is another good block for practicing sewing half square triangles as well as flying geese.

The flying geese seen in this block are slightly different than the ones in the Dutchmans puzzle block.

How to Make a Weathervane quilt block Pattern

From your background fabric, cut:

  • Twelve 2 1/2" squares.

Four of these are for the outer corners of the block, and the rest will be used for the corners of the flying geese units.

  • Four 2 7/8" squares. 

These will make the half square triangle units in the corners of the block.

However, DO NOT cut these squares into triangles.

From medium colored fabric, cut:

  • Four 2 1/2" squares for corner units
  • One 4 1/2" square for center unit

These all appear green in the sample above.

From medium dark or dark fabric, cut:

  • Four 2 7/8" squares.

These will make the half square triangle units in the corners of the block (shown in aqua).  

However, DO NOT cut these squares into triangles.


From dark fabric, cut:

  • Four 4 1/2" squares for the flying geese units.

To make the half square triangle units in the corners of the block,

  • draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the 2 7/8" background squares.
  • Place one background square on top of one medium dark 2 7/8" square.

Make sure that the right sides of the fabrics are facing each other.

  • Sew 1/4" on each side of the diagonal line you have drawn. 
  • Now cut on the diagonal line, 
  • open them up, and you have completed two half square triangle units. 
  • Press seams toward the darker fabric. 
  • Repeat this step three more times. 

See diagram below.

Easy Half Square Triangle Quilt Block
  • Sew one half square unit to one background square as shown in diagram.
  • Press seam toward the square.
  • Sew one half square unit to one medium square as shown in diagram.
  • Press seam toward the square.

Matching the center seams, sew these two units together as shown.

Below is the Corner Unit - Make four of these.

Weathervane Quilt Block
weathervane quilts
weathervane quilts

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How to make flying Geese units

To make the flying geese units,

  • first draw a diagonal line on the back of the eight of the 2 1/2" squares of background fabric.
  • Place one 2 1/2" square of background fabric on the corner of the dark 4 1/2" square.
  • Sew along the drawn line then cut the corners off (cut both light and dark fabrics), leaving 1/4" seam allowance.
  • Place another 2 1/2" square on an adjacent corner,
  • sew along the drawn line, and trim the corners off.
  • Press the seams toward the background fabric.
  • Repeat for all four dark 4 1/2" squares.

Flying Geese Unit Make four of these.

weathervane quilt
weathervane quilt
weathervane quilt

Lay all the units out beside you as shown in the diagram, and sew together one row at a time.

Sew row one as follows:

  • sew one corner unit to one flying geese unit.
  • Sew the other corner unit on.
  • Press seams toward the center.

Middle row:

  • sew one flying geese unit to the center square.
  • Sew that to the other flying geese unit, being careful to keep the flying geese units in the same direction as shown in the diagram.
  • Press seams away from the center.

Sew the bottom row the same as the top row.

  • Press seams toward the center of the block.

Sew all three rows together,

  • pinning where the seams meet.

WOW!!! you did it your Weathervane quilt block is done!!

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