I teach classes on how to make this Wonky Star Quilt.

This is a really fun way to make stars.

Both Gwen Marsden (Liberated Quiltmaking)and Jan Mullen have encouraged this wonky star quilt method through their books.

What a fun method for making stars!

There are no intricately cut corners, and no perfectly matched points - its time to get creative!!!

You can also use this method to create other shapes, like hearts, dolls or teacups.

Jan Mullen has a whole series of (Stargazey) patterns available for a variety of projects.

Fun stuff - give it a try!

Wouldn't this quilt be beautiful in soft pastel florals, or wild bright kids prints?

Wonky Star Quilt

In a six hour one day class you will finish a small wall hanging or start on your larger quilt.

If you or your group wish to take this class during a retreat Contact Me for more information or reservations.

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